Used Batavus on Milwaukee Craigslist

I saw this on the local Craigslist and thought I would share it because opportunities to purchase a Dutch commuter bike are few and far between in Milwaukee.  I have no relation to the seller.

Just picture yourself a native Hollander, riding through the charming streets with this commuter bike. Having top of the line components, it truly is an unusual beautiful European bike. Some features are puncture proof tires, built in titanium lock and key, comfort seat, tire pump, mud guards, generator and lights, and front and rear drum brakes. A great feature is that it is rust proof. New original price was nearly $2000.00. This classic burgundy and green bike will be enjoyed by you and last for many years to come. The price for this rare bike is $800.00, cash please. If you should have any questions, please call anytime and I will be happy to respond- 414-254-3524, I prefer phone calls. PostingID: 2360171078


There are more photos on the craigslist ad


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