Spring and hope rekindled

With the dreary weather and the politics of negativity so pervasive lately, I find it comforting to reflect on the renewing power of a sunny spring day. Yesterday was gloriously sunny, and I count myself lucky enough to have been able to get about 25 miles in on the bike.  Any time riding on a sunny day can lift my spirits, but sunny spring days are imbued with a special power. 

I think it is the cumulative effect of all the little signs that life has returned after winter’s deep freeze.  Many of these signs we take for granted.  The first tiny buds on the branches and shoots of new grass add an almost imperceptible Verden watercolor wash to the landscape, from which spring Kodacolor highlights of day lilies, crocus and wood violet, our state flower.

The real miracle of spring healing comes from the newborns.  My good friends Casey and Erin brought new hope for the future with the birth of their baby Ethan.  I am further reminded that hope remains alive each day on my commute as I pass the gaggles of goslings on the Hank Aaron State Trail.  This year they have congregated around the bio-retention pond just west of the 25th St. roundabout.  I no longer hear the protective hissing parents as I am a daily annoyance, stopping to gush over their precious yellow babies. I am humbled at the immense power of a tiny, peeping ball of down to restore one’s faith in the world.


About daveschlabowske

Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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