New Planet Bike Video

I really love the new corporate vibe coming out of the bike industry.  It is rare when you really feel that corporations are your allies and share your values, but that is certainly true with Madison-based Planet Bike.  They not only make darn good transportation related bicycle accessories, but they donate 25% or more of their profits to bicycle advocacy organizations. Their Superflash rear lights are the industry standard for blinkies as have  their line of plastic (and now cool curved bamboo) fenders. This new video from Planet Bike hits all the right pressure points for selling cycling to the unconverted.
It makes me want to get on my bike and ride somewhere, maybe like work.  Enjoy your ride and the video.

Planet Bike from Planet Bike on Vimeo.


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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2 Responses to New Planet Bike Video

  1. Sam Dodge says:

    Do you know what that tandem cargo bike with outrigger child seat is? 52 seconds in. It looks awesome! Large and heavy, for sure, but a ton of fun for family rides.

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