Casual Friday to Twighlight Zone

Straw hat, Paul Frank pearl-buttoned shirt, jeans and desert boots, what's missing? My coat!

Friday morning I turned around on my way to work and headed back to my garage to drop off the jacket I was wearing.  It was actually hot enough that even with my old-man pace, I started sweating after only two blocks.  The bright sunshine and warm morning weather assured me that I would not need a coat the rest of the day. 

I got to work with a smile on my face, having enjoyed a rare warm, sunny ride past all the flowers and budding trees.  I sat down at my desk and spent the next half an hour answering emails.  When I turned away from the computer screen to pick up my phone and check voice mail messages, I caught a glimpse out the window, which was now completely grayed out.  I blinked, rubbed my eyes and looked again, but still I couldn’t see anything but gray. Where was the sun, the blue sky,  the city hall building?

I work in the Zeidler Municipal Building on Market Street and most days I can look out my window and see City Hall across the street.  But in the 30 minutes since I sat down at my desk, it was as if I had been transported into the misty gray netherworld of an old black and white episode of the Twilight Zone. I picked up my phone and dialed into my messages fully expecting to hear Rod Serling’s voice and the tell-tale DO,doDO,do  Do,do,Do,do… 

Oh well, Wisconsin weather managed to serve up a lesson in “always be prepared for the worst” even to this old bike commuting war horse.  The bike racks on the buses do take the edge off the worry, but between the hail, rain, wind and cold this spring, I’ll be keeping my spare winter coat at the office until August this year.  Any readers have a similar experience getting caught without the proper layer?


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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2 Responses to Casual Friday to Twighlight Zone

  1. kurt says:

    Rode in on Friday with others who were wearing shorts, wishing I had , too. Rode home wishing I’d have brought gloves.

  2. still rollin says:

    Rode both ways on Friday, although I came home very late. I was trapped once without the right stuff, and just found a bus shelter and rode in to work.

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