Critical Lass Ride

I saw this ride mentioned yesterday on a couple of blogs and was notified from the Chainlink.  To help spread the virus, I thought I would pass it on to OTB readers. I do like the name and the poster quite a bit, but without being to Milwaukee’s Best, this sounds a lot like the Pedal Pusher Society rides we have been having in Milwaukee for quite a few years now.  A cool idea no matter what.  You can click on the poster below to go to the Critical Lass Facebook page.

According to Dottie of Lets Go Ride a Bike in Chicago (one of my favorite female bloggers), the Critical Lass name was coined a year ago north of the border in Edmonton, Canada by Loop Frame Love, Girls and Bicycles and Breaking Chains Taking Lanes  and has been started south of the Cheddar Curtain by One Less Minivan.

Any Pedal Pusher Society member care to comment?  Is there a future for Critical Lass in Milwaukee?

The infamous Pedal Pusher Society “Beat It” video, for so many reasons…


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1 Response to Critical Lass Ride

  1. Carolyn Weber says:

    I love this idea and clever play on Critical Mass. Anything that gets more women biking and comfortable biking is a plus in my book.

    The PPS rides happen on Thursday as well- First Thursday of every month @ Stonefly around 6:30p. All women are invited to come, regardless of riding ability and hang out and ride at an easy pace. Rides change up every month!

    The PPS are also planning the bike in movies this summer too so look out for more information on dates. Oh! And the pedal pushers have checkpoint three for the RW24- so women bikers (and really it’s great how many women are biking this year and in the past!).

    Yet, I hesitate a bit on using the Critical Mass model as those rides are historically in Milwaukee not good experiences for many bikers. I have been on the rides several and most times it’s a rather small group and they do not follow the road rules and drivers. The last ride I did with the Walker group, I ended up leaving early since I refused to bike across the Hoan.

    I wonder how the other Pedal Pushers think about this idea and I’ll pass it on to the group about the Chicago Group.

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