Memorial Day Ramble

Memorial Day weather did not disappoint.  It officially launched us into summer with sunshine and temps above 90 degrees.  It was perfect weather for me to suck wheel on the 3rd Annual Ronsta Ramble.  I have never been on Ron Stawicki’s 70 mile adventure ride from Waukesha to the wild woods of Wauwatosa, but it seemed a fitting ride for the anniversary of Over the Bars in Milwaukee. 

Carlos y Carlito

I rode out to meet Ron and a few handfuls of local mofos on the New Berlin Rec Trail as they pedaled east.  There was a mix of cross bikes, mountain bikes and even a tag along.  The ride starts at Ron’s place heads east, drops into some of the mountain bike trails on the west side of the county and then heads out to Sussex for the Memorial Day Parade. 

Smiling fearless leader

I had a busy family schedule of my own, so I was only able to join the Ramblers for a couple hours of fun.  The bomb-proof Hoyt Park mtb trails were dialed in as usual, but things got greasy as we headed west on the singletrack along the Menomonee River Parkway. 

Newly refurbished, the Hoyt Park Pool was packed on opening weekend.

The trails in Hoyt Park are weatherproof and almost always in great condition even if it rains the day before.

Although they were rideable for those with knobby tires, we quickly hopped out of the woods and onto the pavement.  These locals put far too much volunteer work into maintaining those trails to trash them when they are wet. Besides, the pot holes on the parkway provides almost as much challenge as the singletrack in the woods.

As hot as it was, nobody took a dip in Bubba's favorite swimming hole.

I put 1.75 Ritchey WCS tires on the old War Horse for the ride, perfect choice for the bike I would keep if I could only keep one (nightmare).

I peeled off and bid adieu to the merry pranksters when they hit the paved section of the Oak Leaf at the end of the Parkway.  If any of the die hards who stuck it out for the full ride want to email me some photos along with a brief report, I would be happy to share it.  But likely you will be able to read all about it on Ronsta’s blog.

Riding the parkway in vintage Belgian wool and $3 Yuma, AZ swamp meet Club Masters.


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4 Responses to Memorial Day Ramble

  1. Markk says:

    Riding the whole outer Oak Leaf trail for Memorial Day, it was great to see sooo many riders, fast, slow, old and young. I gave up after 500 riders (halfway around) and saw over 250 going north from the lakefront to Estabrook park. Yes it was Memorial Day with celebrations and it was nice out, but still, those people didn’t have to be cycling! Boy was it nice riding along the Lake, coolness in all respects.

  2. Sonia says:

    Dave–glad you could join us, even for just a little bit.

    Did you see how packed the bike racks were at Hoyt Pool? They were overflowing with bikes and Burleys. It was awesome to see families eager to take advantage of the Menomonee Parkway to get to the pool.

    Ron’s flickr stream documents the rest of the ride:

    • daveschlabowske says:

      I saw those full racks when we were on the other side of the pool, and thanks for the link to the rest of the ride Sonia.

  3. Ronsta says:

    Thanks for joining us!
    It was a hot but beautiful day on the bike!

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