Petition to Bike the Hoan

Last Sunday, my daughter and I joined thousands of people on the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts to see in person just how great it would be to have a permanent bicycle and pedestrian route over the Hoan Bridge.  It was wonderful to say the least.

People of all ages and abilities on every kind of bicycle, from recumbent to tag-along, got to see just how easy and enjoyable it was to ride over the Hoan Bridge during the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts.

Nobody was blown off the bridge, and everyone from the out of shape, to the elderly and the very young were able to pedal over the gentle 3.5% grade hill.  No longer can anyone say it is too dangerous, difficult or windy to ride over our iconic bridge along the lakefront.

My 15-year-old daughter’s shadow paced her up and over the Hoan.

 With the thousands of witnesses as proof and the preliminary engineering for the redecking of the bridge already under way, it is time to make a full court press to get a permanent bicycle and pedestrian path over the Hoan.  If you have not done so already, please,take a few minutes from your busy day to sign the petition and contact your city, county and state elected officials to tell them you support permanent bicycle and pedestrian access over the Hoan Bridge.

Frankie coasting down the hill, note she is not even using her brakes because the slope is so gradual.


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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6 Responses to Petition to Bike the Hoan

  1. Bill Sell says:

    David, thanks for your undying leadership on this matter. Biking the Hoan has been engulfed in myth and fear, to be refuted by only the handful of bicyclists who have been up there (my last time was November 1997). Now we have the personal testimony of thousands, of all age groups – including babies whose only “memory” will be that family snapshot.

    Sign the petition, circulate the petition, and let’s roll.


  2. d'Andre says:

    Done. It was a lot gentler than it looks – much easier than getting back up the lakefront bluff every evening on the way home, for instance.

  3. Barry Stuart says:

    That was certainly easy enough. The wind was no worse than riding downtown. I served as a ride marshal on the 50-mile ride and only one rider that crossed needed my help to fix a flat. Thanks to all those who helped prove that the Hoan can be biked safely. We just added to our argument that an extension of the Oak Leaf Trail over the Hoan Bridge is feasible.

  4. Mark Blackman says:

    I also rode with my daughter over the Hoan on the Bike Friday tandem. Had no problems and enjoyed the experience. I noticed they had plywood down which I assume was for some expansion joints. Was this due to the construction?
    I have also ridden across the Golden Gate Bridge and even though it is a different style of bridge and can’t see any reason why the grade would be a problem.
    I would also be curious of what the design is for getting on and off the bridge or was it what we rode on Sunday?

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Thanks for the comment Mark. Most designs show a two-way, barrier separated path with an additional on-ramp for bikes at the south end because the existing ramp is a bit narrow. I might argue for a less expensive solution. What if we reduce the speed limit on the bridge to 45 mph or even 40 mph like on the Lake Park. That would increase the level of service for cars and eliminate the need for a new ramp for bikes.

  5. Peter Lee says:

    Oh, yes, it was a wonderful ride. My wife and I rode the 25 mi route over the bridge. It was fine! My only regret is that the 50 and 75 milers got to go over the bridge AND back – with that wonderful view of the skyline!! Yes! Let’s get those powers that be to move on a permanent bike path up there. Oh Boy!

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