Chicago’s Protected Bike Lane is Now Protected

CDOT installed the flexible bollards on the Kinzie Street protected bike lane in Chicago. The photo below by Brandon Souba comes from Steven Vance’s blog Steven Can Plan.  You can see the design is very similar to the protected bike lanes I have ridden in New York City and Washington, D.C.  How about we all chip in and buy some bollards for the planned regular bike lanes S 2nd Street in Milwaukee and turn them into protected bike lanes.  I’ll buy four or five of them if the City will paint the buffer and put them in. Anybody else wanna ante up?

Brandon Souba took the photo of the Kinzie Street protected bike lane.

NYC's 9th Ave: Filling a street with healthy people, one protected bike lane at a time.

Below is the video I took riding in the bollard protected bike lanes in Washington, D.C. Note the video below takes a bit to buffer. If you have problems, don’t wait too long, just try refreshing your screen. Click on the video image, press play and wait.


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11 Responses to Chicago’s Protected Bike Lane is Now Protected

  1. Barry Mainwood says:

    If that’s what it takes than sign me up for 4 or 5.

  2. Steven Vance says:

    Gabe Klein came from DC to Chicago. Good for us, bad for them.

  3. Bob K. says:

    I’d chip in for 2 or 3, but this raises a different question for me. Is it possible to make a donation to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordination department of Milwaukee DPW and be confident the money would be spent on projects like this?

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Not at this time, but thanks for thinking about it. I was just sort of joking. But if we could generate interest in the project, it would help if some group donated the bollards.

    • Steven Vance says:

      It’s quite difficult for people or organizations to donate stuff to the City of Chicago. This is an anti-corruption measure, mostly.

  4. Gary Cox says:

    I would be willing to chip in for some too, or help an organization that would buy them for the city.

    Could bollards like these be installed along N Water Street as it goes around the curve to Brady? Nobody ever seems to stay in their lane as they go around that.

  5. Jim Franzen says:

    I sell these bollards, they are usually called flexible delineators in most traffic plans. The problem with these is that in winter there would be no way to plow the snow in the bike lane, and that the snow plow’s would probably take them out by end of winter. We have them installed on I-94 south of Milwaukee by Highway G and we would lose 4-5 every snow storm.

    • daveschlabowske says:


      It snows in NYC, Minneapolis, Washington, DC and Chicago and they manage. The idea is that the delineator/buffer area is the snow storage area and is not plowed. I asked in NYC, which had a very heavy snow winter recently and they did not have to replace many. So, how much do they cost in quantity, inlcuding the base and hardware?

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