FS: Be like Dave(s) ’53 Raleigh Sport

Dave from Portlandize has a cool 1953 Raleigh Sport for sale.  I might not normally pass that info on around here, except for the fact that he updated his bike almost exactly as I  updated my ’36 Raleigh Sport. It even looks like we have the same tires on our bikes. He is asking $575, which I think is a good price given all the fancy upgrades he added, and bonus points because his bike has a rare 4 speed original hub.

Portlandized 1953 Raliegh. Great Dave's minds think alike.

I’m guessing it would cost about $150 to box and ship the bike to Milwaukee. You can’t buy a new Dutch bike for that price.

Milwaukeeized 1936 Raleigh

My bike has a double kick-stand, MKS 3000 pedals, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, modern Sturmey Archer rear 3 spd hub with drum brake on Sun L20 rims, front Sturmey Archer dyno hub with drum brake on Sun L20 rims, both wheels have straight guage stainless spokes and brass nipples, Supernova E3 mounted in a vintage headlamp, AXA frame lock with chain, Crane bell, new Lapize frame pump and Carridice Lowsaddle Longflap.


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7 Responses to FS: Be like Dave(s) ’53 Raleigh Sport

  1. pmrphoto says:

    that thing is cool!!! pm-r

  2. Robert Bowen says:

    It’s funny, my name’s not Dave but I have a similar Raleigh Sports Model. Mine is a 1938, and I’ve also converted to drum brakes front and rear, with a dyno/drum front hub. My fenders were in poor shape so I painted a set of later ones, but otherwise I tried to keep as much of the original character as possible.

  3. Robert Bowen says:

    Pics of mine:


  4. Clay Claborn says:

    Wow! Gentlemen. Those are beautiful bikes. I’m thinking of making similar, ok let’s be honest, exact upgrades to one of my Raleighs. If it’s not too imposing could you give me an idea of the cost upgrading my wheel set. I have no idea and would like to know if it’s with in my pocket books range.
    Also, I think Dave’s price on the ’53 is dead on and if I hadn’t spent all my bike money already this fiscal year it be in my garage as we speak!
    Thanks for any advice.
    Clay from Indianapolis

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Morning Clay,

      FYI, this blog is no longer active since I was hired by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin to be their Communications Director. I do get notices about the odd comment though. The blog entries are archived on their new blog at bfw.org and you can still follow the blog and make comments there. They sort of bought my blog when they hired me. Anyway, I don’t pay full retail at my shop because I get a Bike Fed member discount, but I would guess the upgraded wheel set is about $300 retail price. The light is another cost, but there are many options for dynamo powered lights out there in a wide range of price points. The new B&M Cyo lights are very bright and low price. They also have a vintage looking halogen light. If you build wheels yourself, you can price it out by parts, if not, just take the wheel specs in to your local shop, or show them the blog posting to get a better estimate. Sorry I can’t tell you what I paid because it would not reflect a true retail price given my advocacy membership discount.

      Good luck on your project and feel free to email me at dave.schlabowske@bfw.org or comment on the new blog.

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