Gray is the new extreme

Weather too gloomy even for spiders.

I guess extreme weather comes in all forms. I’m not sure if it was easier to stay dry in yesterday’s torrential rain or in the 110% humidity and fog today.  I’m beginning to have a hard time remembering what it is like to ride a bicycle in the summer.  We seem to be stuck in an old Sherlock Holmes movie set on the moors. 

The Bike of the Baskervilles!


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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3 Responses to Gray is the new extreme

  1. still rollin says:

    It was a great morning to ride to the airport.

  2. Gray skies clear the road … the Oak Leaf last night on the East Side was a breeze (except for the felled tree near Riverside HS).

  3. Jim Franzen says:

    At least my flat tire happened this AM.

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