Happy Independence Day

Today is a personal independence day of sorts for me as tomorrow I start a new job as Director of Communications for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.  Look for Over the Bars to continue, but evolve into something with a bit more of a statewide focus.  For my last purely independent post, I give you my trip to the fireworks at the lakefront yesterday evening.

My '36 Raliegh carried me, two folding chairs and a couple beers. In the spirit of the day I opted for a vintage red, white and blue vintage (Luxembourg) jersey.

Liz rode the pink and green step-though frame I built for her.

Liz and I rode down with our friends Jerry and Mike.  Mike did not have a bike, but he is my size, so I loaned him my Dutchified Schwinn.  Jerry has the super sweet Vanmoof that the ever-up-for-a-challenge wrenches at Ben’s Cycles customized by adding a 7-speed internal rear wheel. Liz was on her Sunday-Go-to-Meeting ride that I built for her in my basement.  It is sort like a custom Waterford Godiva with hand carved lugs. It also has a Shimano Nexus 7 speed internal, but with roller cam instead of coaster brakes. I built the bike around 26 inch wheels to keep the frame smaller.  It is a much faster ride than Oma due to the skinnier tires and more aggressive geometry.

Racer X on his cool custom Vanmoof No. 3

We planned to meet some of Mike’s friends who had staked out a spot in Juneau Park early in the day.  That served as base camp and offered access to a grill, food and beverages.  Some people bring their entire living rooms down, including couches, lamps and tables.  It seems a bit unfair to stake out a huge area (people with the volley ball net) but we actually managed to find an open spot big enough for  a blanket and some folding chairs.

The fireworks were quite good, but seemed to last about 20 minutes longer than I needed.  We stayed until the end, and out bikes allowed us to make a quick exit through the throngs of people walking and the big traffic jam. I can’t imagine what it was like to drive a car out of downtown.  I just don’t have the patience to be a motorist I guess.

Local flavor of summer.

Luxembourg red, white and blue pied piper.

All in all, it was a very nice show.


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