Weekend underground update: Bike-in movie, what else?

I need your help to start a regular Friday feature in which I highlight some of the cool semi-underground bicycle activities going on around the state for the upcoming weekend and following week. I have a reasonable handle on most of the smaller bike events going on in Milwaukee, but I have no idea what other fun events are going on in the rest of the state.

Got an alley cat planned?  Taking the Snow bikes out for beach ride?  Bike to Brunch? Tweed Ride?  Critical Lass Ride?  Whatever, just shoot me a heads up via email to dave.schlabowske@bfw.org and I will post it on Friday.   I’m particularly interested in promoting the slightly non-traditional rides or races here, not your typical WCA crit, charity ride, WORS race, etc.  We post a good schedule of those on our regular Bike Fed website calendar and in our much coveted Ride Guide.

So far all I know about this weekend is the Bike-in Movie at 8pm in the media garden under the Holton St. Bridge at Pearson and Water Streets in Milwaukee.  This week’s film is the 80s classic “Better Off Dead.” I am a sucker for those 80s movies, and I liked John Cusack when he was younger.  I went to college with his sister Joan, though I doubt she remembers me. I give the movie two thumbs up.

Who remembers what this scene is all about?

The next event I am aware of is the Midwest Cycling Networking Ride next week Wednesday, July 13th at 2pm.  The ride is part of the cycling is the new golf theory of business networking.  The ride website advises  to “forget windowless conference rooms and stick-on name-tags, THIS is the way to make business connections!”

Riders meet the second Wednesday of each month  at Attitude Sports, located on Pewaukee Lake at 203 W. Wisconsin Ave, Pewaukee, WI 53072  ~ (262) 695-RIDE.  The ride leaves at 2pm sharp, so get there early if you need to pull off your chinos or grey suit and kit up.  Open to anyone, the ride is a racer/road bike ride with speeds averaging just shy of 20mph.  Post ride beers and more socializing take place at a Pewaukee Lake bar determined later.

Click to enlarge

Next up, take off your lycra skinsuit and pull on your tighty whities (mind the wedgie) and pedal on over to Brady and Warren Thursday night for the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride. Not a naked bike ride, but these are social rides that promote a positive self body image.  The next of these slow-paced, scantily clad social ride begins at 9pm, July 14th and runs 2-3 hours.

I can’t believe this is all that is going on in all of Wisconsin this weekend.  If you know about something cool that you don’t mind sharing, email me the details or submit them in the comment section below.  I will watch during the day Friday and update this post if I get new info.  You can also email me weekend rides or events you have planned in the future.  I would really appreciate your help here.

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12 Responses to Weekend underground update: Bike-in movie, what else?

  1. Barry Stuart says:

    I won’t make the movie this weekend, as I’m packing for my own S24O camping ride to Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit. I’d like to see more S24O rides in the future.

  2. C. Lawrence says:

    I’d love to hear about a tweed ride here in mke! I’ve talked about it with a couple of co-workers and they think its a interesting idea. Please let us know of any tweed rides around town! 🙂

    • daveschlabowske says:

      None that I know of yet. Let’s plan one for this fall!

      • C. Lawrence says:

        Lets get the ball rolling. Perhaps the last Saturday in September(use Sunday as a weather backup). Meet somewhere in Bay View like Sven’s and ride up to the Eastside to maybe Hollander or somewhere in Riverwest. Could even do a stop at the Value Village on North Ave to “suit up”

      • daveschlabowske says:

        Do you mean Sept. 24th/25th or October 1st/2nd? I’m totally down with this. We can put it on the calender for sure.

  3. Dave's wife says:

    Seersucker is a better summer option in my opinion. (tweed=fall, wool=winter, cable knit plus down=spring in WI)

  4. C. Lawrence says:

    Great! Lets put it on the calender for Sept 24th. I can put a post up at Sven’s and Big Foot Bike on KK!
    @Mrs Dave thats all the excuse I’d need to finally get a seersucker

  5. C. Lawrence says:

    I know of one person that might be able to help but we keep missing each other. Do you know anyone that maybe willing to volunteer sometime for this?
    I’ve spent the past weekend googling till my fingers were sore reading about different tweed rides and photos…..weekend well spent.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      We do have some time, but I can probably find a designer to help with the poster. I could take a shot at it, but just because I have Creative Suites, does not make me a designer any more than owning a camera makes a person a photographer. I’d prefer to get professional help. Let me look into it. I think we should have a poster before we create a Facebook, don’t you?

  6. C. Lawrence says:

    I have 1 design created and possibly a few more on their way. I love my marketing dept!
    Do you have an email address I could use?

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