Bikesharing killed the folding bike star

I used the Capital Bikeshare the last time I was in Washington, D.C. and it worked great. I was able to get most everywhere I needed to go except to Arlington, where I was staying.  To do that I used the subway, which was super easy too. It was the first time I did not bring a folding bike on my trip to the National Bike Summit.  From the looks of the video below, there is even more good news in that the Capital Bikeshare is going gangbusters and the system has now expanded to Arlington. Now I can bike around the happening transit oriented development in the Clarendon area with my friends Matt, Lora and Kate, who despite all reason still let me crash every year at their house.

The Phenomenal Success of Capital Bikeshare from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

I can’t wait to go back to DC again.  Next year I want to bring along my daughter to hit all the great free museums after the Bike Summit.  With the combination of the great transit there and the expanded Capital Bikeshare, now we don’t even have to think about the hassle of bringing folding bikes.

The smile on my face in this B-cycle Madison panda shot and the expansion of bikesharing across the country could mean the end of my dreams of owning a Brompton.

Maybe I can still dream of buying a stylish and practical Brompton Oratory jacket.

I also have to take the Badger Bus to meetings in Madison quite a bit.  But B-cycle Madison has eliminated the need to bring a bike along. It could it be my dream of upgrading from our family stable of swap-meet purchased Dahons to Bromptons may never need to happen. Well, as sweet as Bromptons are, even when I can find them used, they are beyond my budget for a folding bike.  Perhaps since I am saving about $1,000 by using bikesharing and forgoing the Brompton, I can justify buying their very nice Oratory jacket.  Of course I have to fly to the UK to buy one, but I might just come out ahead, even with the airfare.

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2 Responses to Bikesharing killed the folding bike star

  1. Eric says:

    If you’re spending $1000.00 to bring your folding bike with you. You could just have easily purchased a used bike from Craigslist for $100.00 in the city you go to and donate it when you leave.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      I’ve done that too. In fact I know a person who buys a $20-$30 bike every trip, tunes it up a touch, names it, rides it for the trip and then donates it to someone who needs a bike when she leaves.

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