Share and Be Aware July Update

As part of the Share & Be Aware program, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin staff have been working hard to educate pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists about their rights and responsibilities for ensuring each others’ safety on the road. Whether you are on foot, on a bike or behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, we all need to obey the laws and be aware of other road users. In the post below, we provide an overall snapshot of how many people we have reached and where we have been able to get out the Share & Be Aware messages.

While there are many state and local statutes that regulate how we get around, Share & Be Aware has a few basic messages that focus on the most vulnerable road users.  First, both bicyclists and motorists must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Second, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as motorists. They are legal users of the road, but must also obey laws like stopping for red lights. Finally, motorists need to leave at least three feet when passing a person on a bicycle.

On the Bike Fed’s website you can see the PSAs and read more about safe driving and cycling. The Share & Be Aware messages can be tailored to different locations and needs.  We can modify the images to fit any billboard or sign.  You can get Share & Be Aware yard signs to display in your yard or along the route of your event. You can also request that an Ambassador come to your meeting, workplace or event. To get yard signs, a billboard, electronic copies of the PSAs or to request that a Share & Be Aware Ambassador, fill out this online form or email  We need your help to get the messages heard.

The Share & Be Aware program is a partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Bureau or Transportation Safety and is funded primarily with a state and federal grant. But the Bike Fed has been able to expand the program to reach more people through generous donations of money and in-kind services by private businesses as well as individuals.

Thanks to Wheel and Sprocket, you should see this billboard up in the Milwaukee area soon

The Bike Fed has reached more than 500,000 people using traditional media like billboards and public service announcements on television and radio.  Our Share & Be Aware Ambassadors have made personal contact with more than 20,000 people at both large and small events across the state.  The work continues on this important program, but you can see what has been done so far by reading below.


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2 Responses to Share and Be Aware July Update

  1. Jym Dyer says:

    =v= All across the nation, “Share the Road” yellow diamond signs aren’t really communicating anything except the notion that bikes are to the right of cars, which most motorists already know. What most of them DON’T seem to know is when we can take the lane. Pennsylvania, at least, has an StR sign that depicts a situation where a bike might be in front of a car.

    The “3ft” billboard is an improvement, but what’s really lacking is something to let motorists know it’s okay for us to take the lane.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Jym, I agree in principle about taking the lane in urban areas. Taking the lane on rural or exurban high-speed roads with no shoulders and short sight lines is more dangerous. So we need more complete streets to make those roads more pleasant and safer, but until then, we need motorists who drive on winding and hilly roads without bike accommodations should be aware that a person walking or biking could be right around the corner. Caution and consideration need to be part of every person’s driving habits.

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