Fun Friday Photo Feature

To get the creative juices flowing, here is a photo I took yesterday at sunset on the Hank Aaron State Trail approaching the bridge in the VA Center.

Regular readers may remember Over the Bars used to have a regular feature called the Fun Friday Photo Contest in which readers could submit a bicycle related in one of several categories. The photo entered the reader in a random drawing for prizes.

The Bike Fed would like to bring that Friday feature back, but without all the rules. To start, our Fun Friday photos need not fit any categories and there will not be any prizes.  It will just be a forum for people to share some great images of cycling. We may add the contest and raffle prizes at a later date, but there are lots of talented photographers out there and lots of great bicycling to photograph.

You can send us a Panda Portrait you took while riding to work, photos of your buds mountain biking on your local single-track, a sexy shot of the latest addition to your stable of bicycles, or maybe your kid’s first ride without the training wheels. If you are a total retro geek, you might even submit a graphic photo of your Huret Duopar Titanium derailleur. The sky is the limit, we just ask that there be some element of a bicycle in the photograph.

Although there are no actual rules this time, we do have a few stipulations.  The photographs should be reasonably high quality jpg formats and include caption information about where the photo was taken, when and what or who is in the image. We reserve the right not to publish any photo for any reason, but please don’t feel bad if yours does not show up on OTB, it may be we simply did not have time or space to publish it.

To start with we are going to ask you to submit your photos via email.  In the future we may set up a special Friday Photo Flickr group to make it all the submissions public.  But for now, just email your photo to  If I get any today, I will try to put them up in a post later this afternoon.  If not, watch for a Fun Friday Photo series next week.

What are you waiting for?  Attach that .jpg file and hit send!


About daveschlabowske

Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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