Fun Friday Photos

We get into a lot of heavy stuff on this blog, from dealing with fatal crashes to serious political debates, and it seemed like we need a bit of levity once a week. So last week Friday I posted a couple nice photos just for fun and asked readers to submit photos of their own for this week. I hope if people continue to submit photographs we can keep this going.  Eventually I hope to have a good system, perhaps a Flickr group, where people can submit pictures with caption information to save me the work of collating all that information.  That will also allow people to browse through all the submitted images, which we just don’t have space to post on the blog.

If you have photographs you would like us to consider for next week’s Friday Photos, email them to dave (dot) schlabowske @ Include your name and caption information. Below are a few of the images I got for this week.  Please don’t be mad if I did not publish your photo. It has nothing to do with quality, but I got many more images than I have time or space to post here.

Home grown, a Milwaukee Bicycle Company frame. Photo by Ben Halpin

Where did I park the car? Oh yeah, under my bike. Photo by Eric Melger

Extacycle chic by Peter DiAntoni

Fresh tracks on the new trail in Brown Deer. Photo by Michael Healy

What you can do with a “bike” if you try - the Hexacycle at “Sundale” Gold Coast Australia. Photo by IC

Weekend ride from Lake Michigan to the the Mississippi. Photo by Ronsta

This is a self pic of me taken by the Springwater Volunteer Covered Bridge on 24th Lane over the Pine River near Saxeville in Waushara County on August 19, 2011. This bridge is on the Waushara County Route 5 Wild Rose-Saxeville Covered Bridge bike route , which is a bike route of 30.3 miles. The Wild Rose-Saxeville-Covered Bridge route leads the biker through some of the most scenic areas of Waushara County. There are many lake views and stream crossings. Side trips to Big Hills Lake and Kusel Lake County Parks are possibilities. The Springwater Volunteer Covered Bridge on 24th Lane would make this trip worthwhile all by itself. Robert's Park facilities in Wild Rose include: shelter, restrooms, drinking water, picnic tables and parking areas. For more information about the history of this bridge, see this link: Gregg Warning Gregg Michael Photography


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2 Responses to Fun Friday Photos

  1. Juli Kaufmann says:

    Dave, I had no idea about the Waushara County route, thank you! Our hops farm is located in Saxeville (a town most people have never heard of) just before the town red mill, along the Pine River, and a short distance from the covered bridge of your photo. Sorry folks, not open to the public. Thanks for giving me a great idea for what to do this Labor Day weekend – a bike ride! – in addition to harvesting the last of this seasons’ hops.

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