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Cyclology of Guilt

I am a member of an email listserv for the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.  It is an extremely helpful resource for me at work. Recently there was a thread about people who wear bright clothing at night.  It was kind of technical … Continue reading

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By popular demand: Gary Poppins v. Lance Armstrong

My post last Friday was intended to make a point about the Mary (Gary) Poppins effect, not about what I was wearing.  I used a tale about the comments I got on my outfit on Friday to make a point, not to show off … Continue reading

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Mary Poppins or Pink with Red Gingham

Yesterday a woman I work with told me “Ya know, pink doesn’t go with red.” I was asking her to do a traffic study of the new S. 2nd complete street makeover when she offered this bit of fashion advice. … Continue reading

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Casual Friday to Twighlight Zone

Friday morning I turned around on my way to work and headed back to my garage to drop off the jacket I was wearing.  It was actually hot enough that even with my old-man pace, I started sweating after only two blocks.  … Continue reading

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What I like: Kate Spade Bicycle and Accessories

Bikes and two of my favorite designers, whats not to like? In 2008 and 2009 Cynthia Rowley got a lot of attention when put her designer cruiser bikes in her runway shows.  Now Kate Spade and Adeline Adeline, the adorable … Continue reading

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Waterproof bike shoes

Foul weather bicycle commuting often seems difficult to those new to cycling for transportation.  Most recreational cyclists don’t ride when the weather is bad, so they don’t have bike clothing that keeps them warm without sweating in the winter or dry in a … Continue reading

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Introspective Ride Home

A brief respite from the wonky policy posts of the last few days. Colors, or the lack of them, can have a powerful effect on the psyche. Pedaling home yesterday through the concrete canyon of downtown, my monochromatic outfit and the grey clouds overhead put … Continue reading

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Cyclechic Bike to Brunch in one word: Epic!

Who would have guessed that a little Sunday morning ride to brunch would require a suitcase full of courage to complete?  The early morning rain stopped as if by request and the breezy morning began with a colder than normal temperatures in … Continue reading

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Product Review:Lake Winter MTB Shoes

With a chance of snow in the forcast, I hope this is the last weekend for a long time that I get a chance to wear my new winter mtb shoes. Last Sunday’s ride to Paris was my first real test … Continue reading

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Baby needs a new pair of shoes: Milwaukee, Paris, Milwaukee

My 6-year-old Lake winter mtb shoes finally bit the dust.  The heel tore out in a way that it cannot be glued. Given that the weather forecast predicts a high of 29 degrees for our ride to Paris this Sunday, … Continue reading

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