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New horse in the stable – Vintage Schwinn Deux Chavaux

I picked up a pretty nice new ride off Craigslist, check it out.  Nathan had to sell it because he was heading off to law school.  The bike is a 1980 Schwinn De Luxe Twinn 5 with the Atom drum … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29er

Readers may remember that in my recent post about my family’s vacation Up North, I mentioned that I borrowed a pretty root-beer-colored Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29er mountain bike to ride. The Milwaukee Bicycle Company is the house brand for Ben’s Cycle on … Continue reading

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Say you want the best handbuilt bike in the world…

You could do no better than to talk to Dave Wages, the builder behind Ellis Cycles in Waterford, WI.  Yesterday Dave stopped by my house early with his latest ride, an Ellis Di2 DRB, or Dirt Road Bike.  We went … Continue reading

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Cycling City

I was reading a post titled “Bikes are Shoes” on Amsterdamize yesterday evening that referenced a great new (to me) online magazine called CyclingCity.  Check out the tag line and see if you don’t agree with me that it could be the official magazine of … Continue reading

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If I could only keep one: Custom Waterford 1900

If I had to get rid of all my bikes except one, I would keep my 1998 custom Waterford Precision Cycles model 1900.  While most of my bikes are decent at many things, the Waterford is great at almost everything. For those … Continue reading

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Guest post: Ready for Central Standard Time by d’Andre Willis

Thanks to regular reader and past photo contest contributor d’Andre Willis for her guest post about a nice light.   I love bike commuting.  Really, really love it.  But this isn’t about why I love it; instead, I’d like to tell you … Continue reading

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Review: Sturmey Archer S3X: Three Speed Fixed Gear

Like the fixed gear, but don’t like the hills?  Sturmey Archer SX3 to the rescue. I picked mine up from Ben’s Cycle, which sells the hub for $179.00. The S3X is much different than most SA 3-speed hubs.  It still … Continue reading

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Sexy New Dutch Ride: Vanmoof No. 3

  If you notice such things, chances are you have caught a glimpse of a Vanmoof bicycle somewhere already. The stylish new Dutch commuter bike has been featured everywhere from Treehugger to GQ Magazine. Even the Bike Snob had something … Continue reading

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