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Gray is the new extreme

I guess extreme weather comes in all forms. I’m not sure if it was easier to stay dry in yesterday’s torrential rain or in the 110% humidity and fog today.  I’m beginning to have a hard time remembering what it … Continue reading

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Waterproof bike shoes

Foul weather bicycle commuting often seems difficult to those new to cycling for transportation.  Most recreational cyclists don’t ride when the weather is bad, so they don’t have bike clothing that keeps them warm without sweating in the winter or dry in a … Continue reading

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Product Review:Lake Winter MTB Shoes

With a chance of snow in the forcast, I hope this is the last weekend for a long time that I get a chance to wear my new winter mtb shoes. Last Sunday’s ride to Paris was my first real test … Continue reading

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Baby needs a new pair of shoes: Milwaukee, Paris, Milwaukee

My 6-year-old Lake winter mtb shoes finally bit the dust.  The heel tore out in a way that it cannot be glued. Given that the weather forecast predicts a high of 29 degrees for our ride to Paris this Sunday, … Continue reading

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Winter’s last dying gasp?

I hope so.  I enjoyed you winter, but you have overstayed your welcome. Milwaukee averages 2.6 inches of snow in April, but I’m sure we can all recall some big storm that dumped a ton of unwelcome powder to cool our … Continue reading

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Elevator Statement

The last snowfall hit Milwaukee like an upper cut from Jack Johnson.  Despite DPW’s best efforts, it seemed to come when we had our guard down during the night.  Salt trucks were seasoning the streets in my neighborhood well before … Continue reading

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Making Connections

In yesterday’s post I discussed how our currently incomplete network of bicycle facilities and transit routes are a huge barrier that keep average people, (not “cyclists”) from using bicycles for transportation and taking transit instead of driving.  Don’t get me wrong, Milwaukee and many … Continue reading

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