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It’s summer somewhere

By Dave Schlabowske I’m enjoying biking to work without getting all sweaty, but I must admit that I did not get down to Bradford Beach as many times as I would have liked to this summer. Summer on a lake … Continue reading

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COG Eurotour 8mm film

Milwaukee super hero Peter DiAntoni sent me this fun advance short of COG Magazine‘s recent trip to Europe for the 2011 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Warsau. Shot on Tri-X film stock, this is film is so fresh you can smell … Continue reading

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Flying Pigeon, a love story

This wonderfully shot video from the Yu Lu agency in Canada distills the cyclechic ethos down to its purest elements: regular clothes, an inexpensive but well equipped commuter bike, and the connectedness a person feels with their surroundings when riding a bicycle.  Then it adds a little bit of … Continue reading

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Models on Bikes: Like or Don’t Like?

Regular readers of Over the Bars know I am a big fan of the Cyclechic movement.  The term was coined by Mikael Collville-Anderson on his Copenhagen Cyclechic website. One effect of the cyclechic movement has been that marketing firms have … Continue reading

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Beat the heat: Tips for looking and riding cool

Commuting by bicycle in your work clothes when the weather is hot and humid can be done.  Of course you can always wear shorts and a T-shirt or jersey and change when you get to the office, but I prefer … Continue reading

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Schwinn versus Huffy

I’m all about the Cyclechic movement to encourage people to ride bicycles in regular clothes.  Since I like vintage clothes, I personally take it a bit further and try to put together interesting, somewhat noticeable outfits for my daily trips around Milwaukee … Continue reading

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By popular demand: Gary Poppins v. Lance Armstrong

My post last Friday was intended to make a point about the Mary (Gary) Poppins effect, not about what I was wearing.  I used a tale about the comments I got on my outfit on Friday to make a point, not to show off … Continue reading

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Mary Poppins or Pink with Red Gingham

Yesterday a woman I work with told me “Ya know, pink doesn’t go with red.” I was asking her to do a traffic study of the new S. 2nd complete street makeover when she offered this bit of fashion advice. … Continue reading

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What I like: Kate Spade Bicycle and Accessories

Bikes and two of my favorite designers, whats not to like? In 2008 and 2009 Cynthia Rowley got a lot of attention when put her designer cruiser bikes in her runway shows.  Now Kate Spade and Adeline Adeline, the adorable … Continue reading

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Introspective Ride Home

A brief respite from the wonky policy posts of the last few days. Colors, or the lack of them, can have a powerful effect on the psyche. Pedaling home yesterday through the concrete canyon of downtown, my monochromatic outfit and the grey clouds overhead put … Continue reading

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