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Latest Secret Weapon to Fight the Night

Readers may remember I modified a vintage headlamp by inserting the guts of a modern LED light.  I wanted better light with a vintage look that blended with my 1936 Raleigh.  I wish I could leave well-enough alone, but that … Continue reading

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DIY Ten Buck Pannier: Ortlieb Beware!

This guest post is from regular reader, sometimes contributer, year-round commuter, transiteer and Milwaukee all-rounder Dave Steele.  Dave showed me his DIY pannier, and I was quite impressed.  Thanks for sharing your project Dave.  It opens up a whole new world of innexpensive pannier … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

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Disco, Angels Flight pants, the White Socks and bicycle bells

I remember 1979 as the year Chicago White Sox fans blew up about 10,000 disco records in the Old Comiskey Park and unfurled the phrase “Disco Sucks.”  While much of disco deserved the bad rap it got, I graduated high school in 1980 and … Continue reading

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Transplant Surgery: LED into vintage headlamp

I recently swapped a new front wheel with a Sturmey Archer X-FDD 6 volt, 3 watt dynamo hub with cable actuated 70mm drum brake to make my 1936 Raleigh a bit more practical as a regular commuter bike.  The hub dramatically improved my braking and freed … Continue reading

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Get your kicks(tand)

Kickstands are cool. OK, I admit that in my racing days when I weighed everything, from body parts to bicycle components, I used to take them off any bike that came with one.  But I have grown in years and … Continue reading

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’36 Raleigh DIY upgrade: SA dyno hub and drum brake

My 1936 Raleigh Sports is a great bike, but combination of the original steel rims and ancient side-pull brakes do not give me stopping power for confident commuting on a good day.  When the rims get wet, get ready to Flintstones your way … Continue reading

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