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Beat the heat: Tips for looking and riding cool

Commuting by bicycle in your work clothes when the weather is hot and humid can be done.  Of course you can always wear shorts and a T-shirt or jersey and change when you get to the office, but I prefer … Continue reading

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Biking to and from General Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee

A few times a year I get asked how to bike into and out of the airport in Milwaukee.  I have put together a Google Map (see below)  to show the route I prefer.  It uses a side service road … Continue reading

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How to shellac your bars on the way home from grocery shopping

He may not have invented the idea, but I think Grant Peterson of Bridgestone/Rivendell Bicycles can be credited with the handlebar shellac revival.  Since then, everybody from Out Your Back Door, to Bike Villa to Lovely Bicycle has given it a … Continue reading

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See Spot Run

I have never met a dog I didn’t bike.  Really, I think I have biked with every dog I have ever taken care of, and some strangers’ dogs because they asked me to show them how or said their dogs would never … Continue reading

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Learning to Ride a Bike

Saturday I got an email asking if I could teach an adult how to ride a bike.  Here is the email:  Hiya,    I found your name on League of American Bicyclists. I am a 28-year-old man who doesn’t know … Continue reading

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