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Ask not what motorists can do for you

So far this year, nine people riding bicycles have died as a result of a crash with a motor vehicle.  According to the Journal Sentinel’s review of the police crash reports, motorists were at fault in five of the crashes … Continue reading

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48-foot-wide 3 feet message

Thanks to the gracious support of Wheel & Sprocket, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin‘s first Share & Be Aware billboard was installed two weeks ago.  The 48 ft wide by 14 ft high billboard was up along I-94 for a … Continue reading

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We can be the change we want to see

With the most recent report that a distracted motorist killed another innocent person riding a bicycle, many in the cycling community are grappling with grief, anger and an underlying desire to do something, anything that might make a bit of a difference and … Continue reading

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Another Fatal Crash: Is it safe to ride a bike at night?

Tom Held of the Journal Sentinel Blog Off the Couch has more news on this tragic crash.  You can read his full report here. It seems the driver of the car was legally blind in one eye and required to … Continue reading

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Share and Be Aware July Update

As part of the Share & Be Aware program, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin staff have been working hard to educate pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists about their rights and responsibilities for ensuring each others’ safety on the road. Whether you … Continue reading

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Fear mongers be gone! Riding a bike is safe.

In the last six weeks four people have been tragically killed while riding bicycles in Wisconsin. The headlines in the newspapers can’t help but trumpet that seemingly alarming statistic, and not surprisingly many of the comments under the online versions of … Continue reading

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Tragic Crash in Oak Creek

We are still waiting for details on the tragic crash that killed Sam Ferrito, a 56-year-old Oak Creek man who was hit a little after 6 p.m. Sunday while biking on S. Nicholson Rd. According to the Oak Creek police, an … Continue reading

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