My bikes and bikes I like

I have updated this page, but it is still not a complete listing of my bikes or the bikes I have reviewed on this blog. You can search the blog for full posts with more information about all the bikes listed below.

My 1936 Raleigh Sports. Giddy-up you old nag!

My 1996 Trek USPS Carbon Road Bike watching as Lance and the boys climb the Col d'Izoard, France. I bought this bike used, set up as a time trial bike. I restored it to a classic road racing bike. It weighs a tad over 18 lbs with nothing more than Dura-Ace stuff on it. It remains faster than I will ever be, so why upgrade.

If I could only keep on bike this would be it. A true all-rounder modeled after the venerable Bridgestone XO-1. The bike is built up as a commuter in this photo. With Roadish geometry, a Rivendell fork crown and room for 26 inch mtb tires, I can go anywhere on this bike. It has been well used over the years, ridden hard and put away wet. The color is Pale Primrose, which is a vintage Jaguar color.
Liz’s step-through- I built this frame. I carved hearts in all the lugs. Shimano 8spd Nexus hub with roller cam brakes and Mafacs in the front.
Electra Amsterdam-This is my daughter Frankie riding across a frozen lagoon in Washington Park after we went ice skating.

1984 Trek 620 mods include generator hub, Lumotoec light, Planet Bike Cascadia Fenders, Nittio stem and Bar, 700c wheelset

Our 53cm Workcycles Oma. Everything a boy or girl could want in a city bike.

My 90s era lugged Schwinn Schwinn Super Sport- I added most of the features found on European commuter bikes to this Schwinn: AXA frame lock, Pletscher double kickstand, SON generator hub w/ Lumotec LED headlamp, full fenders, chainguard, upright stem and bars, rear rack, Batavus pannier and color coordinated coffee cup

The Vanmoof No.3 is a fastish, uprightish, stylish commuter bike from the Dutch.

Troy Courtney built all-lugged, silver-brazed single speed mountain bike. I asked Troy to paint the bike orange with the old Schwinn vibe. The colors are pear, and I think you will agree, Troy nailed it with this paint.

8 Responses to My bikes and bikes I like

  1. Tom says:

    Love the Schwinn Dutch bike. You’ve ticked off pretty much everything I would want in a build. OK, maybe a chain case, too. Did you have the wheels built for you or does someone sell them that way?
    Yes, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Workscycles or Batavus city bike laying around? I ride a Torker Cargo-T, a copy of a Batavus Personal Delivery. If yours is a Dutch Schwinn then mine’s a Dutch Torker, I guess.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Torkers are sweet. Sort of the Electra Amsterdam of cargo bikes. I am going to Chicago to ride a few this weekend. I will have a credit card with me. But I have not decided to buy one yet. Stay tuned for that report.

  2. was great to see you last night and look forward to seeing the pics you took of Richard Schwinn and I and my LIl TT bike

    thank you

  3. Troy Thiel says:

    Nice bikes! You need one though that starts with a “C” and ends with an “olnago”..only THEN will you be truly riding a Master’s work.

  4. Ric Greene says:

    Thanks for the idea. I have been wanting fenders for my 83 Trek 620. Nice collection of bikes. You should start a Tweed Ride in the Milwaukee area. I have considering one maybe near Madison. I ride the Lake Pepin Tweed and Lake Mills events on my old English bikes. Great time and great people.

  5. Can you list the brake calipers/go through the process of putting a 700c wheelset on the trek 620?

    Am about to take the plunge for a 620 used frameset, and am wondering if I’m heading towards any significant roadblocks with a 700c wheelset.

    thanks in advance, and nice bikes!!

  6. Could you possibly list the brake calipers for/go through any troubles you may have had setting up the 700c wheelset on the trek 620?

    am about to spring for a 1984 620 frameset and am just wondering about any potential roadblocks concerning setting up a 700c wheelset.

    thanks in advance..

    nice bikes!!

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Sorry for the slow response time, but this blog is on hold as I now have a full time job blogging for the Wisconsin Bike Fed:

      I wish I had time to keep up both, but I don’t.

      The brakes on the Trek had long enough slots that I had no trouble sliding them down to fit the 700c rims.

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