Over the Bars Ride Calendar

Over the Bars is hitting the road in 2011 with a series of urban “meet-up” rides and longer recreational rides for readers of this blog.  The meet-up rides will have a single destination but many starting points. The destinations will often be cafes, bars, theaters, farmers markets, etc. in various neighborhoods of Milwaukee. The starting points will be the homes and workplaces of the participants. Feel free to organize a group of friends to ride as a group to the destination, but don’t look for route maps or cue sheets that are common with traditional recreation and fitness rides. 

The recreational rides will be longer, but done at a slow enough pace to allow chatting. Some recreational rides may have route maps and cue sheets, others may just have a ride leader. The recreational rides will generally have stops for refueling and rehydrating either at a care or bar or bring-your-own picnic style. 

For each ride there will typically be a brief post on Over the Bars to describe and discuss the upcoming rides.  This will be the time to ask (via comments) if you are not sure of a good route or have other questions. We may add other kinds of more recreational/fitness rides in the future, but for now, these are rides to socialize and help build a community among people in the Milwaukee area who ride bicycles for transportation.

It is incredibly frustrating, but WordPress.com does not have an event calendar widget or plugin and does not allow embedded Google calendars.  If anyone knows a good workaround trick, please email me. You can also email me to suggest a new ride you are interested in organizing. Until then, you will have to follow this link to the Over the Bars Ride Calendar I created.

Spring Classic Series: These are longer recreational rides.  They will roll at a medium pace (15-18 mph) due to the distance.  Bring your classic road bike, English lightweight, touring bike, fixie or quick commuter. Kit up, wear tweed or anything in between, your choice.

Cyclechic Ride Series: A series of meet-up rides in which people are encouraged to dress up a bit or at least ride in regular clothes.  City bikes, commuter bikes,  touring bikes and American classics are encouraged.  The rides will alternate every other week from Saturday to Sunday.  Rides will either bike to a cafe from brunch or to a farmers market.

March 19th, Bike to Belgium, WI- 10am meet-up, Destination TBA

March 27th, Milwaukee Paris Milwaukee, Depart 8am from Cranky Als, 6903 West North Avenue  70 mile ride, pace 15 mph to 20 mph

Sunday April 3rd, Cyclechic Bike to Brunch– 10am meet-up, Destination TBA

Saturday April 23rd, CycleChic Bike to Market– 10am meet-up, Destination TBA

Saturday April 30th, Koninginnedag’s Ride– 1pm start at Cafe Hollander in Wauwatosa. In honor of the Queen of the Netherland’s birthday, we will ride to all the Dutch cafes in Milwaukee.  You are encouraged to wear orange and ride a Dutch-style city bike if you have one. The route will be determined at a later date.

Saturday May 21st, Cyclechic Bike to Market– 10am meet-up, Wauwatosa Village. Ride to opening day of the Wauwatosa Farmers Market.  Anyone for Grits and Gravy??

Sunday May 1st, Cyclechic Bike to Brunch– 10am meet-up, Destination TBA

Saturday May 21st, Cyclechic Bike to Market– 10am meet-up, Destination TBA

Monday May 30, Memorial Day Ronsta Ramble, Details TBA a 70mile, all day adventure tour of on and off-street bike ways in Waukesha & Western Milwaukee counties. This is the third year for it and it once again will take place on Memorial Day. The ride is tweaked year to year and topped of with brats & Blatz at Chez Ronsta.

Saturday June 18th, Cyclechic Bike to Market– 10am meet-up, Destination TBA

Sunday June 26th, Cyclechic Bike to Brunch– 10am meet-up, Destination TBA

Monday July 4th, Russell’s Crappy Bike Ride and Fireworks Extraveganza– Details TBA Ride your crummiest bike to Russell’s for a BBQ and roll over to the West Allis Fireworks.  Mandatory I Scream stop on the way back at Gillie’s Custard.


11 Responses to Over the Bars Ride Calendar

  1. daveschlabowske says:

    It appears that the Google calendar I created last night is not showing the rides as public. I will have to work on that after work, sorry. Please do make suggestions for locations and dates via comment here, and I will try to set up a more public calendar so people can see the events for scheduling.

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  3. Russell says:

    Feel free to add:

    Crappy Bike Ride & Firework Extravaganza
    4th of July
    Wauwatosa to West Allis

  4. Will says:


    What if you did the calendar as a PDF or JPEG and then just posted it up that way. Not as interactive or cool, but it might get the job done.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      That is not a bad idea, but it would not have much more functionality than a list would it? And I would have to export a new pdf every time I updated the calendar. Maybe if we start a website for 52, we can use Blogger or another web template that allows a real calendar.

  5. Julie says:

    The Brewers are planning a Green Week this month and our office has become involved.
    One event they’re sponsoring you may want to post is a ride to the game.
    Sunday, June 26: The Brewers and the Menomonee Valley Partners are organizing a Bike To Miller Park event utilizing the Hank Aaron Trail

    • daveschlabowske says:

      I have that in my most recent post about the updated bike to work events in Milwaukee. Thanks Julie!

  6. Julie says:

    Great! This is a second bike to Brewers, though, not a part of Bike To Work Week… it’s later in the month and specifically connected to the Green Week…

    • daveschlabowske says:

      OH! My bad, I will look at posting something special about that closer to the event. Will there be a poster or flyer?

      • Julie says:

        Yup, flyers are through the Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail… I’ve seen them peppered around here…

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