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Taking stock

I have always been impatient by nature.  Each week when I was a kid, I walked over the five and dime store with my allowance while my mom was grocery shopping. I would by some little toy like a balsa … Continue reading

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Commuter Paradise

I’m continually amazed that more people who ride bicycles for recreation still don’t take advantage of the awesome stress-free commutes available on our state trail systems. About 49% of Wisconsin residents ride bicycles for recreation, yet only about 1% use … Continue reading

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Introspective Ride Home

A brief respite from the wonky policy posts of the last few days. Colors, or the lack of them, can have a powerful effect on the psyche. Pedaling home yesterday through the concrete canyon of downtown, my monochromatic outfit and the grey clouds overhead put … Continue reading

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Making Connections

In yesterday’s post I discussed how our currently incomplete network of bicycle facilities and transit routes are a huge barrier that keep average people, (not “cyclists”) from using bicycles for transportation and taking transit instead of driving.  Don’t get me wrong, Milwaukee and many … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to summer

Last night was autumnal equinox, officially the end of summer. But on Tuesday the temperatures climbed into the 80s for the last time this year, and I said my goodbyes then. I said goodbye to the blooming wild flowers on my … Continue reading

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