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Big turnout back bikes on Hoan

A diverse crowd packed Tuesday night’s meeting to voice support for a bikeway over the Hoan Bridge.  After supporters quickly filled the Buelah Brinton Center’s 225 cafeteria chairs, the overflow crowd happily sat on the floor, and stood in aisles. … Continue reading

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Put a bike path on the Hoan and the world won’t stop turning

The current maintenance work that has one northbound and two southbound lanes shut down on the Hoan Bridge is just a band-aid to keep it open until it is re-decked in 2013. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that the “Hoan Bridge is poised … Continue reading

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Petition to Bike the Hoan

Last Sunday, my daughter and I joined thousands of people on the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts to see in person just how great it would be to have a permanent bicycle and pedestrian route over the Hoan Bridge.  It was wonderful to … Continue reading

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Bike and Peds on the Hoan: it’s the law.

If the Wisconsin DOT wants to use federal funds for the project, they may have to allow bicycles and pedestrians on the Hoan Bridge.  In 2010 the Federal Highway Administration released a general policy statement on including bicycle and pedestrian accomodations … Continue reading

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The Hoan Repair: A conservative evaluation

A real conservative starts any discussion about a very expensive proposed public project with a few questions: First, how much will it cost? Second, how will we pay for it? In trying to answer those questions about the planned refurbishment of the Hoan Bridge, the … Continue reading

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Now: 1% to walk and bike the Hoan, or forever hold your peace

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that the “Hoan Bridge is poised for a 21st century makeover.” Gov. Walker announced that the three-year project to reconstruct the bridge will begin in 2013 will cost “taxpayers” upwards of $350 million, and along with the $7 million … Continue reading

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